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Amy is a highly effective speaker with a wealth of personal and professional expertise addressing topics such as Developing Emotional Hardiness, Overcoming Workplace Trauma, Building Resiliency for Victims and Survivors. Customized presentations of varying lengths that address specific objectives can be arranged.

Developing Emotional Hardiness

Trauma and tragedy show up unannounced and uninvited as an unfortunate reality of life. Amy provides key insight on how to prepare, process and proceed, all based on her mantra, “Never quit.”

Overcoming Workplace Trauma

Many professionals unfortunately have to face trauma on the job as part of their daily responsibilities. Military, police, firefighters, EMTs, doctors, nurses and others in the medical profession are trained to respond and help those in need, but may not be fully emotionally ready to process what they are confronted with on the job. Amy has helped countless individuals with post-traumatic stress as part of her career as a mental health therapist. Her presentations can provide a wealth of knowledge and strength to those who are sometimes overlooked or simply perceived as being the helper, but not ones needing help.

Building Resiliency for Victims and Survivors

Victims, survivors and their close relations can benefit from Amy’s presentations that are grounded in her personal and professional perspective on resilience and working through trauma to thrive again. Amy has lived through a terrorist attack, learned valuable lessons and techniques while pulling from her extensive background as a mental health provider, to grow into a leader helping others.

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