Program Services

A seasoned therapist, Amy offers workshops, crisis intervention and one-on-one confidential client consultations in the areas of post-traumatic stress (PTS), substance abuse/addictions, self-esteem, anxiety, depression and managing life conflicts.


“What just happened?! Now what am I supposed to do?”

Amy C. O’Neill provides professional insight, and tools to aid with answering these difficult and painful questions that are asked after witnessing or being directly effected by a tragedy. She can help with evaluating and explaining the initial shock, and helping find a first step to move through unexpected trauma and find a path to living again. You may never be the same anymore, but you can be better.


“The best way out is through… but how?”

Trauma, tragedy and terrorism are unfortunate realities. Amy addresses the impact on individuals, workplace environments and communities. She shares her personal adversity story along with important professional strategies for developing emotional hardiness to work through these unexpected and unwanted obstacles. Learn to harness personal resilience as well as group resilience. Her mantra, never quit.


“How can I lead others when I feel lost?”

That is certainly a lot to ask of anyone after witnessing or being involved in a traumatic or terroristic event. Amy C. O’Neill’s personal trauma at the Boston Marathon combined with her years of expertise as a mental health professional dealing with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the foundation for her ability to help members of the military, law enforcement, first responders, medical personnel find the emotional and professional strength to continue to perform in a leadership capacity in the face of witnessing or being involved in common workplace trauma and/or unexpected adversity. Amy can provide insight on how to find and provide order again, along with the strength to lead in the face of adversity.