“The best way out is always through.” — Robert Frost

Amy C. O’Neill

Survivor, Clinician, Speaker/Presenter

After being thrust into the role of Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor, Amy C. O’Neill has turned her crisis and recovery into her passion. In her role as Survivor and Speaker, Amy shares her life lessons learned from the recovery process with groups and individuals in order to help them understand how to go through and overcome their own personal traumas or adversity. She helps professionals and first responders learn to deal with trauma while on the job. Amy also engages with peer support groups and survivors from around the world as they learn to navigate the complicated recovery process.

Having built a well-respected career in mental health counseling over almost three decades, Amy has intense breadth and depth of experience in both institutional and private practice. In addition to her dedication to helping others, she prides herself on being a life-long learner and athlete. A former D-1 NCAA lacrosse player who went on to methodically train and successfully complete three Ironman Triathlons, and the prestigious Boston Marathon five times, Amy knows how mental and physical focus can lead to success. As a wife, mother, daughter and sister Amy has strong family ties that are important to her life story as well.

Her presentations and talks focus on redefining resilience and how to morph the unexpected and undesirable obstacles in our lives into positive outcomes. Amy shares keen insight while providing necessary tools to help to overcome adversity, reduce stress, and thrive in personal life as well as the professional workplace.

While survival is at the core, thriving is the greater message. Through her incredible testimony, Amy is living proof that anyone can come face-to-face with what may seem an insurmountable challenge and come out better for having experienced the adversity. Amy’s goal is to teach how resilience is a key element for success.

Trained at The Art of the Big Talk, Amy now adds Public Speaker to her long list of credentials. She has spoken at two consecutive Speaker Salons curated by award winning director, Tricia Brouk, in New York City.  In March 2019, Amy was chosen for the inaugural “Speakers Who Dare” event in New York City.  Amy continues to present at professional conferences and has added Adjunct Professor to her professional resume; she currently teaches a graduate level class called “Trauma-Intensive Communities” at Chestnut Hill College.