“The best way out is always through.” — Robert Frost

Amy C. O’Neill

Survivor, Clinician, Speaker/Presenter

Amy C. O’Neill, MS, LPC, is a Survivor of the Boston Marathon Bombing, a Stakeholder for the National Mass Violence and Victimization Resource Center, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a member of the VOCA-NCJA and OVC TTAC Consultant Network, and served on the Disaster Distress Helpline task force, Disaster Mental Health Team for the Red Cross, and the Crisis Emotional Care Team for Vibrant Emotional Health.

Ms. O’Neill possesses a unique combination of personal and professional experience with trauma recovery for victims of Mass Violence and Terrorism. As a Trauma-Informed, 25+ year mental health professional, survivor, and endurance athlete (3x Ironman Triathlon and 6x Boston Marathon finisher), Ms. O’Neill has an intimate understanding of adversity, resilience, and how to work through the complicated trauma experience. As a result, Ms. O’Neill became a student of the painstaking recovery process. Her knowledge and professional experience, which she has gained from talking with victims and survivors worldwide, has culminated in a global perspective of the trauma impact and healing when victimized by mass violence or a terrorist attack.

Ms. O’Neill presented at the United Nations Global Congress for Victims of Terrorism at UNHQ NYC, the 2020 ISSTD Congress for Complex Trauma on Global Resilience in the Face of Terrorism, the National NOVA conference, contributed to the Model Legislative Provisions, and the KCIT Resilience Conference 2020. In addition, she has spoken in Parkland, Fl, at the Voices of Sept. 11th trauma conference, The Rebels Project Survivor Gathering, The United Nations International Remembrance Day Events, and The Inaugural Speakers Who Dare in NYC.

Ms. O’Neill maintains a private counseling practice, is an Adjunct Professor for the graduate Counseling Psychology Program at Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA, and is a Doctor of Health Sciences Student at Bay Path University. Ms. O’Neill hosts The Trauma Impact Podcast on Mental Health News Radio Network, focusing on trauma and recovery from mass violence. It has been downloaded around the world.