Resilience Skills Tipsheet

By Amy O’Neill, MS, LPC

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When something challenges you at the core what you learn is that you can’t just bounce back…


  • Be Open and adaptable to a new way of going through adversity
  • Be Flexible in your thinking! Flexible thinkers move through adversity with more ease
  • Connect, Connect, Connect – Breaking your silence with others that have been through similar challenges is very healing
  • The Language of survival is universal so you are not alone! When you connect with others that understand the journey you are on almost instantly you are not alone.
  • It is NOT a weakness to ask for HELP!
  • Mindset matters! The way you think about things directly impacts how you feel – use neutral language. Leave “why me” behind it will never help you
  • Adversity is normal. It is just hard sometimes.
  • Adopt the mindset that you are going through something, not getting over something. You brain doesn’t allow you to just forget about things that need to be acknowledged.
  • Sometime we will have to TRANSFORM from our challenge. Mourn the loss of how you used to be and see the world so you can embrace the new lens you are looking through.
  • Believe that you are capable of going through something unimaginable and that you will make it to the other side