I have been a police officer and Captain for thirty-five years, in Watertown, Massachusetts. The town where the gun fight and battle resulted in the capture of the two Boston Marathon Bombers.

Through this experience I have come to know Amy O’Neill.  As a survivor herself who was hit by an IED at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, she is more than an academic who read about it, she is one of us who has lived it and survived it.

Through many contacts and programs we have attended with Amy to deal with some of the lasting effects of such trauma,
Amy O’Neill understands the police and first responder perspective.  Most police officers and first responders will not talk unless it is to someone with “credibility”.  A word that fellow officers know exactly what I mean. Amy O’Neill is one of those people.   Amy O’Neill has helped us through it.  She may not have a badge, but, she has lived it, survived it and she has “credibility”.

Captain Raymond Dupuis, Bureau of Field Operations
Watertown Police Department
Watertown, Massachusetts